Live in Montreal 2005
Ruins Photos
We drove up to Montreal for the NIN show on Friday, here is more pictorial goodness. Enjoy!

The line... The begining of the line.

The line continues.Middle of the line.

And the rest of line. It got longer later.

Bundled up.It was a bit cold waiting out there.

From where I am. The line extends ahead of us.

Seperated. The left side is the standard members while the right side is the premium members.

Pig/Chris One of our line-mates.

Line-mates!More line-mates, whose name I am failing to recall -- comment guys?

More linemates It was cold, we made lots of friends.

Post SoundCheck After the the sound check, all the piggies file to thier holding area.

QOTSA QOTSA played another great set -- our seats are quite nice. Not on the floor, but not having to fight to see the was nice.
Let the NIN begin!